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Ingredients & Contract Services

From foods and flavors to pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics, we can meet your ingredient and contract drying needs.

In-House Brands

EasyMeal® is perfect for assisted living, hospitals, businesses and educational facilities to feed their staff and clients in emergency situations. Mountain House® is widely recognized as the best camping, backpacking and emergency survival food money can buy.


We have a long and established history providing meals for the United States military. We can supply your agency’s food needs.

Private Brands

Our experience with major national brands coupled with our in-house capabilities make us the premier choice for private label freeze dried foods.

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More than 50 Years of Excellence
The Largest Diversified Freeze Dryer in North America

OFD Foods, LLC is a leader in both global reach and the variety of uses to which we have adapted freeze drying technology. From hundreds of individual ingredients, to fully prepared entrees and with a full range of packaging options in both food and non-food categories, we can apply the most elegant preservation technology known to your company's needs.

Headquartered in Albany, Oregon, our facilities have more than 32,000 sq. ft of freeze drying surface. As a major employer in the area, we take pride in supporting our community and giving back through volunteer work and local sponsorships.

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