July 14, 2017

Freeze-Dried Products

OFD is well-known for our freeze-dried food. But did you know that our freeze-dried products extend well beyond food? Learn more about the amazing products we create for a variety of industries.

Types of Freeze-Dried Products from OFD

  • Food
    Freeze dried meals after preparationOur freeze dried foods are our most popular product. From in-house brands such as Mountain House and Easy Meal to other private label brands, it’s no wonder that we’re one of the top freeze dried food businesses in the world.
  • Freeze Dried Nutraceuticals
    Nutraceutical products such as food additives and dietary supplements are oftentimes freeze dried to prolong their shelf life and lighten their weight for easier transportation.
  • Pharmaceutical
    Freeze dried products are a big component of the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, some of the very first formally freeze dried products ever made were pharmaceutical in nature. The first rabies vaccine was developed in 1911 through the freeze drying process — a method that’s still used today to create vaccines. Learn more about how we work with this industry.

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