August 16, 2017

NASA Food from OFD

OFD has been working with NASA since the 1960s, when we began providing freeze-dried food to be used for simulated space missions. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of working with NASA to ensure their astronauts are well fed on the final frontier.

History of our relationship with NASA

In 1969, our freeze-dried food products first made their way to outer space on the Apollo 2 mission, proving that freeze-dried food in space is possible and can indeed be enjoyed.

In 1974, we supplied food not only to the Apollo flights and Skylab, but we also shared freeze-dried meals with cosmonauts in the joint U.S. – Russian space ventures.

Since then, we’ve sent products like turkey tetrazzini, noodles and chicken, granola and blueberries, and shrimp cocktail into space — the latter of which is still a beloved item by today’s astronauts.

How OFD Works With NASA

Child eating freeze dried food

Space-bound freeze-dried foods are packed in special pouches containing a valve through which water is introduced via a special water gun. Reconstituted foods that need heating are placed in a food warmer until they reach serving temperature.

Today, we continue to serve NASA with delicious astronaut food such as shrimp fried rice, shrimp cocktail, and pasta with shrimp, all of which are enjoyed on the International Space Station. We’ve also helped to develop a new line of low-sodium astronaut foods.

We’re proud to work with NASA by preparing delicious, easy-to-make meals that can be enjoyed even in zero gravity. Learn more about our relationships with government organizations.